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Find Your Tracking Number

After your order is secured, you will receive an email with a shipping price if you did not select one at check-out. Your order will be updated when the shipping number is added to the order and is ready to ship out. If you can't find your number, or the order hasn't been updated, feel free to send a message!

How to Estimate Shipping Costs

Due to the current Covid-19/Coronavirus shipping delays, packages are only being shipped via EMS or forwarding to K-addresses. Only select countries are accepting Small Packets. 

All shipping is sent directly from Korea, typically as Registered Small Packet. This varies between $6-28, depending on weight under 2kg. This is about 3 albums. It is also based on sized. You can use the link below to get a rough estimate of your cost based on destination. When ordering, you can always select "I Don't Know/Send an Invoice."

Track Your Package

Typically, for small packets, it is usually between 3-4 weeks for delivery, however it can be up to 6-8 weeks depending on season. Below are some links to use when tracking. Please be aware that not all countries track and scan items arriving at the port after they reach the destination country. Once it reaches the port, it is usually about 1-2 weeks to arrive at your address.

Missing Items?

When you receive your package, please take photos of the package and how it was received. Please take a video as you are opening your package as video proof of the contents inside.

To help secure items, often smaller items such as cards or photos are inside of larger items for extra padding or  to stabilize them. Please check all items to make sure nothing is tucked inside of something before messaging that you are missing an item.

If an item is missing and there is additional stock, I will replace your item. If the item is missing, I will refund you the full cost of an item. However, you MUST provide video proof. Failure to provide proof will result in a partial refund. 

Missing Package?

Below are a few helpful links that you can check before you try contacting us about missing orders/packages! Please take the time to use these resources before contacting us!

Request Order Information from YeorobunGoods

Please only use the 'request order info' after reading our rules and regulations.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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