Frequently asked questions

Order Updates

Have you shipped my order yet?

All orders are posted on Twitter for when they are shipped, using the #yeorobunshipping. There is also a sheet on the masterlist which has the most recently shipped ordes, and upcoming shipping orders. You can look for your name on the lists there.

Typically, a general guideline I follow with concert MD, the shipping period is 1-2 weeks after the concert.

For albums/fan sign slots, it's typically 1 month after the release date/sign date.

For on-hand/stock items, usually it is within 1 week of ordering. Keep this in mind when purchasing.

Did you receive my payment?

If you completed the checkout process through to the end and checked out via Paypal or Square, you should have received an email confirming your purchase. This will have your order number on it. Please keep this number for your reference later.

Is my order confirmed? How do I know I will get my order?

When you paid for your item, you received an email with your order number. This is what acts as your confirmation number for your order. If you receive this number, it means we have received your order and will process it as soon as we have the items or stock ready.

Please be sure to read what type of item it is:

  • On hand items are in stock and ready to be shipped right away.
  • Concert goods are goods that we will be queuing for and lining up to get, and therefore will not be on hand until after that specific date or venue.
  • Pre-order are goods that are not on hand and will be released in the future on a specific or determined date. These items will not be confirmed until after the release date.

When are you getting the items? Are they on hand?

Please be sure to read the descriptions. Most of the time it will mention the pick-up/release date for the concerts and albums.

Concert goods are usually picked up at the venue, on the days of the concerts. They are usually on hand the same day as the concert, NOT before.

Albums are usually ordered AFTER release. They are usually on hand from the first weekend of promotions until after the promotion period. Albums are typically bought in rounds.

Anything from Japan is ordered online and then shipped to the Japanese proxy, and then to Korea. These items will take the longest to arrive on hand.

For SM Concert goods - we typically do both preorder on the site and queue on site for goods. With NCT specifically, it does require queuing overnight for goods. The preorder window for SM is about 6 weeks from ordering. These items are usually open for a long window of time, and ship after the concert/events.

I received my tracking number but it's not working! What is wrong??

There is a process for shipping out orders!

Typically, if you've received a tracking number and shipping confirmation, it means that your order is packed and ready to be shipped within the week. Shipping days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Packages are usually prepared on the weekends and after work, but I don't always get to make it to the post office due to my schedule. So you might receive a number and it won't update until it is scanned at the post office.

If your tracking number isn't working after 2 weeks, please email or contact us!

I just placed an order. When are you shipping it?

If you just placed an order, your order will be one of the last filled. I process orders in the order they are received. First in, first out. Number 127 goes before 701. It's fair to everyone.

You can refer to the the masterlist or pinned tweets to see the current shipping time periods.

Pricing and Payments

How can I pay you for my items?

I accept Paypal and Square! Typically, during the submission process, the last page will direct you to either Paypal or Square and you can submit payment there.

What is the customs value for my order?

Typically, I default to $20 USD for most packages. I am aware that some countries charge customs, however it is impossible to know which countries will charge, how much each limit is, and how strict or hard the customs agents will be.

I am not responsible for any charges that you must pay for customs, and I will not refund the shipping cost if an item is returned due to being unclaimed at customs.

Are the prices in Korean Won or USD?

All prices are in USD. Payments are accepted via Paypal, Square and Korean bank transfer for the time being, and we require a 5% fee added for payments as Goods and Services.

What are the other fees includes in your prices?

My account is based in America, but living and working in Korea means that everything I buy is going to be in KRW. My fee is based on 3 things - price, time queuing, and international fees.

Price is a direct 1,000 KRW to $1 USD. 35,000 KRW is $35 USD.
International Fees:
3% of the Transaction
Conversion fee from USD to KRW
Withdrawal fee from ATM ($4-6)
Bank Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing to International Banks) $35
Time spent queuing as well as transportation/coffee costs are all included. These fees will never be separate and are already include in the price. An item listed at $25 is $25. The ONLY additional fee is the Goods/Services fee for Paypal and shipping costs, both of which are usually added at checkout. Only Concert Goods and Preorders will have a separate email for shipping costs.

I changed my mind. Can I return or refund an item?

Usually, item slots are limited and I order the exact items I have orders for. Therefore, I am unable to refund items you no longer want, or any errors during production.

I pack your order as securely as possible and all items are checked at the venue for damages before shipping. I am not responsible for any damages or loss of product during shipping.

Full refunds are only given in the event that I am unable to obtain an item during a concert MD.


Can you open an order for XXXX group?

I am happy to look into requests and see what I am able to take, but typically, I stay pretty busy with NCT and Day6 as it is, as well as the other groups I pick up when their concerts roll around. You're welcome to DM me about any item, however I may not open orders for it.

Can you get me XXXX item from XYZ?

I can take requests for personal shopping via Korean websites, Twitter, and Bunjang. My fee for this process is $5 or 10% of the order, whichever is higher, plus whatever shipping fees are associated with the items.

I am in no way resposible for how an item arrives to me. If the seller does not provide adequate packing, I am not able to refund you for any damages.


Do you ship worldwide?

Of course! I ship worldwide from Korea, via small registered packet for items under 2kg. Certain countries do not accept ground transport, so if you are ordering a larger amount of items, be prepared to pay more for shipping to reach you.

Can you combine my shipping?

I am happy to try to condense shipping down as much as possible for you. However, there is a point in which I need to get some orders out and they take up a lot of space in my apartment. The longest I will hold items it for 3 weeks. This is to ensure that items are getting mixed up or lost while waiting. But if there are many active orders back to back (usually around comeback time with NCT) I will hold the items for a 30 days. After that, all items will be shipped as I do not have the room to hold the orders each time.

Does the price include shipping?

Depending on the item, shipping may be included. Typically, the item description will tell you if it is or is not. If it isn't, it will tell you what shipping option to select at checkout.

Can you combine shipping with ABCD seller?

I love all of my partners and fellow GOMs. Although we are all close and see each other often, we are not always on the same shipping schedule or time period due to our various schedules and work outside of orders. Sometimes, we have 4-5 orders each at a time, and we may not be able to combine shipping. If the orders overlap, we can certainly try to arrange combined shipping but please understand if we cannot always accommodate this request.

How do you ship out items? What is your shipping schedule?

Typically, I ship out packages on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Most of the time, I ship via small packets under 2kg and the majority of orders fall into this category. Estimated delivery for most countries is about 2-3 weeks. However, it can take up to 8-10 weeks.

For larger orders over a size 4 box or over 2kg, I have to ship via ceritified airmail or EMS. This is also what is used for rechargable lightsticks and battery packs. This starts at around $30, and can take between 10-20 days for airmail. or 5-10 days for EMS.
Due to location and cost, I rarely will use Fedex or DHL.

Do you ship to Korgou/proxys/warehouses/hostels/AirBnbs?

Unfortunately I no longer ship to proxy addresses in Korea. First, it is a third person in the equation and I am not responsible if they lose/damage your item. I cannot be held accountable if something happens after I send an item to an address that you requested that is not yours. In the event that you were to open a claim with Paypal, there is a chance I could lose because it does not match the address on your Paypal.

Second, lately Korgou has been taking a long time to process and put out orders. This adds to the time before you receive your item, and as I said, I have zero control over what happens in their warehouse.

Do you offer meetups in Korea? I am visiting in 3 months.

Unless you are a frequent buyer and have ordered from me a number of times, I do not offer meet ups. I don't have the space to hold your items for that long, and typically, it is difficult arrange meet-ups during the week due to work.

Also, Korea is small but Seoul is big and it is easy to get lost or turned around. Not everyone is familiar with the quickest/most efficient ways of getting around.

Can you hold my items for me? I want to save on shipping.

I can hold them for about 2 weeks. After that, no. I cannot. I really don't have the space and it's easier to mix up orders or items when there are 30 boxes of things waiting to ship.

General Information

Can you be my supplier?

Of course! I am happy to discuss partnerships with GOMs to cater to specific areas and regions. However I am still one person with a small group of amazing friends who help and I am typically only able to get so many items at any point. I may not be able to fulfill all orders if it is outside of my limits, especially on concert MD.

Do you still have XXXX item in stock?

Unfortunately, if it says sold out, we are sold out. If this changes, I will typically post an update on Twitter once new items/stock arrives.

You used to do BTS/Day6, why did you stop?

24+ hours of camping and not being able to fill orders is frustrating and stressful. Especially when fans are rude and aggressive, and people continually cut and skip the line. Add that to the fact that BH is terrible at stock and organization, and they are incredibly slow at processing orders and their website is a joke to try and preorder on....I found that it was time to part ways with them. They will have a special place in my heart of kpop but toxic fandoms ruin groups.

Concerning Day6, I love them but I am slowly falling out of love with them. It's that simple.

How old are you?

I don't know why this question is so often asked. I am older than all of Vixx but half of SuJu are older than me, let's go with that.

Who do you stan the most?

I think the answer is pretty obvious - my main group is NCT. I love those crazy kids.

However, very close behind them are SF9, VIXX, A.C.E and Astro. Those are the groups that I will almost always open orders for if possible.