Hello everyone!

Welcome to YeorobunGoods providing you with all the goods for your NCT and Kpop needs!

I started doing orders back in 2017, with VixxLR’s first concert. It started with me just wanting to get some goods for myself, as well as some of my friends who couldn’t line up in time. At the time, I had seen people running orders and I figured I would ask online in a buying and selling group on FB if anyone wanted stuff. I really liked getting all the goods, even on a small order back then. From there, I started to do more orders as I got more comfortable with the process and how to best sell everything, adding in groups like Day6 with their concert goods. Finally, I added my ults, NCT in 2018 when they became much more active and promoting more often. Previously, I was under CurvyGirlKGoods, and finally adapted YeorobunGoods in honor of Lucas. And because everyone wants goods!

While I do open for other groups that are often overlooked by GOs, I primarily focus on NCT/WayV and they typically will override any other group promotion. Most of the time, if I am doing an order, it's because I want something myself and I just take orders for other international fans, or even people in Korea who can't get there early enough to line up. However, I will open for groups on request if there is enough interest and orders. Groups that I will typically open for include NCT (90-100%), Astro/SF9 (80-90%), Vixx, and A.C.E. 

Thank you to everyone for shopping with YeorobunGoods and I hope I can continue to help you with all of your kpop and kgoods needs!